Giving Back

Proceeds from each purchase go to BC Breast Cancer Research Centre. CBD helps relieve certain side effects of chemotherapy such has chronic pain, nausea, and anxiety. In memory of loving Shaleeni who had breast cancer, we donate proceeds to BC Breast Cancer Research Centre. Shaleeni was fighting breast cancer for 5 years. She was cancer free for a year after 2 years and then her cancer came back and spread very fast. Through her journey, after trying many remedies and seeing many holistic healers and doing everything and anything to cure her cancer. We found and came across CBD and the benefits of it for cancer fighters. So we of course decided to try it out. It defiantly did make her happier and in less pain, even though through her whole journey she was always positive about all the different news we were always given. But it did seem like with using CBD, it had brought more of a smile to her face and made her pain less. Which made her last difficult times a little bit easier for her. CBD helps cancer patients manage symptoms of the disease and side effects of treatments. We donate to the BC Breast Cancer Research Centre to provide for cancer patients more advanced technology. We cherish and spread love.